No Country

52 - Bruce Lee and the Malevolent Spirit of Seattle

September 1, 2021

Part 1:

In this episode, Kris and I take a deep dive into the mystery surrounding the death of Bruce Lee. We also wonder where all of the stars have gone? Is there a reservoir of attention and charisma that is spread too thin across the internet? Was part of Bruce Lee's appeal a kind of doomed energy? Does the fact that he’s from Seattle have anything to do with it? What's going on with Seattle and the PNW in general, anyway? Probably ghosts.

Part 2 (available here):

Was the accidental death of Brandon Lee on the set of The Crow an accident at all? Or was some kind of curse involved? David tells the story of the strange happenings on the set of the film, the demon that followed Bruce Lee through Dragon, the similarities between Brandon's death and The Game of Death, and much more. This leads to a conversation about curses in general, and the perception of them in PNG culture in particular. There's also a practical tip relating to enhancing your memory and shifting the way you perceive the things that you can't change. Subscribe here!

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